Make the next step in your career the right step in your career.

At D&A we understand that each candidate is unique and everyone has different requirements, that’s why we always take the time to listen.

We don’t just match your CV to a job description. We pride ourselves in taking the time to meet you in person to discuss in detail not just your experience, but also your specific requirements. This ensures that we place you in a role that is perfect for you. Our expert consultants cover all industries, so whatever you are looking for, whatever you need, we can help you to not just take the next step, but take the right step.

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Our sole aim is to find you the best possible work, in the quickest possible time.

However, we’re not in the business of just filling vacancies, we believe that our job is more about matching a person to an environment. In order to do this we need to get to know you, and getting to know you can only be achieved in one way: communication. We have put together a few tips to ensure you make the most out of our relationship.

Meet Face to Face

We know better than anyone that for you to really enjoy your job, you need to fit in. It might offer all the perfect benefits, but if you don’t feel comfortable in the environment, it’s never going to last.

That’s why we need you to come and visit us for an informal chat before we begin working on your behalf. We always visit the clients we work with, so we can make sure we send you somewhere that you will be happy.

Don’t Hold Back

When it comes to finding a job, the devil is most certainly in the detail. A huge proportion of placements end before they have even begun because minor issues are overlooked.

Our clients come to us with a specific set of requirements, so it’s important for you to make sure you tell us absolutely everything. You never know, the thing you leave out, no matter how small, could mean the difference between success and failure.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask

Our business is helping you. We are here to provide you with all the guidance and support that you need in order to find your perfect job.

However, in order for us to help, you need to know exactly what you want, what you need and what to expect. Our consultants are expert recruiters and can offer you all the advice you could ever need so you can walk into a new role with maximum confidence.

Keep in Touch

One of the biggest factors to affect the recruitment process is a lack of communication. If a client gets the impression that a candidate is unreliable they lose enthusiasm very quickly.

It is therefore extremely important for you to make sure you tell us about any changes to your situation and always let us know about any other interviews you have. This allows us to make the necessary arrangements and ensure that we maximise your opportunities.

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