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Top 10 Companies to Work for as a HGV Driver in the UK

Top 10 Best Companies to Work For as a HGV Driver

HGV drivers are in high demand, with a national HGV driver shortage still ongoing. However, if you are a HGV driver, you can command the best rates of pay and work for the best clients in the industry. There’s never been a better time to become a HGV driver!

So if you’re thinking about becoming a HGV driver, then you’ll probably want to know which company is best to work for. We’ve got you covered! Our data elves have been digging around Google, Glassdoor, and Indeed reviews to produce an overall ranking for you. 

The top 10 companies to work for as a HGV driver:

  1. Rogers Transport4.4/5 
  2. Glendale Transport4.3/5 
  3. Hammond Transport4.2/5 
  4. JMD Haulage4/5 
  5. Andersons Transport4/5 
  6. Jack Richards & Son4/5 
  7. Road Haulage UK4/5 
  8. LTS Haulage3.9/5 
  9. Murray Hogg3.9/5 
  10. Clarke Transport3.8/5 

Data sourced from Google, Glassdoor, and Indeed. We then took an average of all 3 scores combined.

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