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Introducing Our Job Creation Programme

Lorry Driver Shortage in the UK

We are delighted to announce the D&A Job Creation Programme! Our Programme will help hundreds of job seekers around East Anglia find their dream job as a Class 1 HGV Driver.

There is a UK-wide HGV driver shortage, and we are looking to fill that gap by helping Class 2 HGV Drivers upgrade their license for free to a Class 1. Our sister company, D&A Training, will provide 5* driver training for any approved Class 2 Driver who wishes to apply.

Many of our lorry driver positions are now paying up to £18 per hour, with earning potential growing further on weekend shifts. With the lorry driver shortage wreaking havoc across the UK, we’re keen to help by offering the upgrade for free. Whilst there is media focus on HGV drivers, now is a great time to become a driver and reap the rewards.

Our first drivers will be graduating in August, and interest continues to grow. Since announcing the Programme to our loyal Class 2 Drivers, we’ve had over 40 drivers apply to upgrade their licence. There are many benefits to becoming a lorry driver: flexible hours, good pay, and a huge array of jobs to choose from.

If you’re a business looking for reliable and high quality Class 1 HGV drivers, please get in touch with Jordan Minet on 01223 661100 to reserve one of our drivers. Businesses that source drivers through D&A benefit from our robust selection process and the fantastic team at D&A who will help you meet your driving needs.