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How To Ask For A Pay Rise (Updated 2022)

If you’ve been in your current position or company for a while, it’s only natural to consider asking for a pay rise. For anyone who performs well and is a reliable worker, it’s important to know your worth in your workplace. However, asking for a pay rise can be incredibly daunting. 

This year job vacancies are at their highest in decades and the demand for skilled workers is at an all time high. If you’re already in a job, it’s highly likely that your current employer will want to keep you instead of take on the time and cost of replacing you. This is a great opportunity for you to ask for a pay rise and state your worth.

Here are our top tips for asking for a pay raise in 2022. By following these recommended ways to go about this request, you’ll have a better chance of securing an increased salary and perhaps better hours too.

Ask for a raise at the right time

Having a pay rise request accepted is highly dependent on timing. If you’ve not had a pay increase for over a year, you are within your rights to ask for one. For anyone who finds themselves complaining about their salary regularly, you need to take action. Hopefully, you then won’t feel so disgruntled about this subject. However, there are certain times where you will be more likely to be granted your request. During the recent pandemic, many companies are struggling financially. If your company is one of these, this would not be a sensible time to ask for one. Use tact when asking for a pay rise. Don’t request them too often, or you will start to annoy your manager. Find out when raises are usually given in your company, and use this as an indication of when to approach the subject.

How much are you worth to the business?

When asking for a pay rise, it’s important to know what salary your position demands on average throughout your industry. It’s not hard to find average salary figures online today; you can try searching on GlassDoor to get started. These will give you a better idea of whether you are currently being under or overpaid for your work. This will give you a clear indication of how much you can negotiate based on what you would be paid elsewhere for your current job role.

Always Have The Conversation in Person

If you are nervous about asking for a pay rise, you may consider sending a quick email to get it over with. Regardless of how easy this may seem, this is never a good idea. Your boss or HR team will have far more respect for you when you approach them in person instead of hiding behind your screen. Before meeting with your supervisor to discuss a potential pay rise, have a clear list of reasons prepared. Don’t be afraid to state the value you offer your company and why you deserve to have an increase in pay this year. When requesting to set up this meeting with your manager, we recommend giving them some forewarning about the topic. Email a brief summary regarding the subject of the meeting, which can include an outline of your request.

Prepare Your Pitch In Advance

As with any form of presentation in business, you want to prepare your pitch in advance. Put together a simple list of bullet points you can remember ahead of your meeting. Instead of moaning about other people receiving a raise, or not having enough money to pay your mortgage, focus on what you bring to your company. Highlight key achievements in the past year and the projects you’ve excelled at. Also, it’s important to know this conversation will likely result in a lot of questions. Run through any issues your boss may present, particularly if you’ve had any performance troubles in the past. Come up with a good answer for each one, so you are fully prepared for your meeting ahead of time.

Have Realistic Expectations

When it comes to enquiring about a pay rise, use your previous salary research to create a realistic pay rise request. The amount you ask for should be in line with your current salary and your previous increase. If you go in too high, you are far more likely to be rejected. However, don’t undercut your value if you know your colleagues are being paid far more than you currently. Also, don’t ask for a raise more often than once a year. This will come across as very greedy and unrealistic, which won’t set you up well for potential future promotions or raises.

Act With Confidence

To deliver a successful pitch, you’ll need to act confidently. Most people are extremely nervous when it comes to discussing money, but speak clearly and make eye contact throughout your discussion. Use positive body language to reinforce your enthusiasm about working for the company. Whatever you do, don’t apologise at all for bringing up this topic to your boss. This will devalue your worth and make it clear you are insecure about what you bring to the table. Don’t just keep talking to your boss as if you are presenting a monologue. After making your points, you’ll want to sit back and let them do the talking and lead the conversation. This should result in an engaging discussion. Make sure you listen carefully to everything your boss says. They may have solid reasons for not offering raises currently, which you can work to address in the future.

Don’t Hassle Your Boss

After your initial discussion, don’t hassle your boss every time you see them to ask for the result of your meeting. Know that if your manager is able to give you a pay rise, they will do this without any further input from your side. At an appropriate time, you may want to follow up on your discussion. However, give it a good week or two before approaching the subject. Pay rises involve a lot of paperwork and may not be the decision of just one person. By understanding this timescale, you’ll show your manager you are deserving of the pay rise and have the maturity to deal with the outcome either way.

We all believe we work hard and deserve a pay rise in our jobs. However, it’s important to ask for a salary increase at the appropriate moment. This can make or break your chance of success while also retaining strong relationships with your manager and colleagues.

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