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Best Places in The UK To Be an HGV Driver (by Region)

Lorry with money next to it. How much do lorry drivers earn?

Since the pandemic, HGV drivers have played a significant role in keeping our economy alive. In 2019, 64% of transport and storage businesses reported that they were struggling to fill vacancies. Moving forward a few years, no improvements have been made. Now, the Freight Transport Association has declared that the UK is 300,000 HGV drivers short compared to their forecasted recommended amount based on demand.

Because of this shortage, HGV drivers around the nation are being offered above-average salaries to decrease the severe effects caused by this situation. As mentioned in the East Anglian Times, this figure can range upwards of £60,000 per year. You can view our HGV driver jobs here and discover how long it takes to become a HGV driver here.

To gain better visualisation of the best HGV pay rates based on the region, we recommend you become familiar with the table below:

Summary of HGV Driver Pay Rates by Region


Region Highest Average HGV Salary Lowest Average HGV Salary
West Midlands £48,000 £37,488
London £42,000 £25,000
East of England £42,000 £34,690
South East £41,312 £38,120
North West £37,500 £23,471
East Midlands £37,500 £29,750
South West £35,500 £29,952
North East £35,000 £23,768
Yorkshire £34,589 £24,724

Sources: Reed, Glassdoor, Totaljobs  


The above showcases the highest and lowest average salaries for HGV drivers based on regions within the United Kingdom. As you can see, the best HGV pay rate in the UK is in the West Midlands at £48,000 per year. See a further breakdown of these figures, hourly rates, and ranges, below.

How Much Do HGV Drivers Earn (Regional)

It’s evident that some regions pay much more than others solely because of demand. For instance, the West Midlands might be experiencing shortages, which is why they’re willing to pay more for the same service. For a more comprehensive overview of these figures, you’ll want to see the below:


  1. West Midlands

    The West Midlands has the highest average HGV salary of £48,000 per year. Considering it’s a region known for its affordability, obtaining a wage like this could offer a substantial amount of money in your pocket.


  1. London

    London is in second place among the best HGV pay rates in the UK. Unlike the West Midlands, living in this region is more expensive. Although the highest average HGV salary could net you a good living wage, the lowest provides the complete opposite.


  1. East of England

    As mentioned above, the East of England has shown signs of offering HGV drivers upwards of £60,000 a year because of shortages. However, after researching various reliable sources, the highest average is around the £42,000 mark. We’re recruiting for HGV drivers in the East, so find your next HGV driver job here.


  1. South East

    How much do HGV drivers earn in the South East? Approximately £16 – £25 an hour, depending on the organisation, skills, and experience. As you can imagine, there’s a considerable fluctuation in salaries depending on the role.


  1. North West

    When it comes to the North West, drivers will receive reasonable annual salaries, which could be anywhere between the £23,000 and £35,000 area.


  1. East Midlands

    The highest average East Midland salary is £10,500 less than the West Midlands at £37,500. Although this seems significant, the lowest average wage is much more considerable than London and the North West.


  1. South West

    Moving further down the list, the South West region. Here, HGV drivers can receive hourly pay of anywhere between £14 and £18 an hour.


  1. North East

    The second lowest-highest average annual salary is the North East. When enrolling in an HGV role here, drivers should expect anywhere between £23,768 and £35,000 each year.


  1. Yorkshire

    The lowest highest average salary for an HGV driver is located in Yorkshire. Here, drivers for HGV’s will only receive an average of between £24,724 and £34,589, depending on their speciality.