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10 Questions You Should Ask A Recruitment Agency Before Working With Them

When deciding what recruitment agency to hire to recruit for your job vacancy, there are certain things we recommend asking upfront. Before getting too deep into the process, ask these ten straightforward questions to the local recruitment agency you are considering. The answers to these questions will help determine whether they are a good option to help you with your company’s recruitment and if they are the best recruitment agency for your business. You’ll avoid many challenges further down the line by gathering the information you need before committing to working together.

1. Who Will I Be Working With In Your Agency?

When you begin working with a recruitment agency, you’ll usually be assigned a consultant. Ask who you will be working with and their experience within your industry. If you work within a very niche market, it’s critical you find out up front whether they are suitable to work with. You also want to ensure that you don’t end up switching between staff every couple of weeks as that can increase your time to hire.

At D&A Recruitment your business is aligned with one of our specialists, meaning you have a local recruitment expert who knows your sector inside and out.

2. Do You Have Experience Within Our Industry?

Depending on the industry you work in, you will want to double-check the recruitment agency has at least some knowledge and experience of your industry. Each industry requires different skills, and you’ll want to go into your contract feeling confident that you’ll have a fruitful partnership working together.

The consultants at D&A Recruitment focus on their own sectors, of which they are experts at so they find the very best candidates. D&A Recruitment have consultants in Banking & Finance, Construction, Hospitality, Office & Commercial, Driving & Logistics, and many more.

3. Do You Have the Resources to Handle Large Requests?

If you know you always need 50 extra staff every year at Christmas, make this known to the agency. Ask them how they will handle this situation, and check they have the resources available. You don’t want to be left short at the most critical time of year for your business if the agency can’t deliver what they promised.

Your business is safe with D&A as we have the resources across our large team to quickly scale up recruitment efforts for your business, plus specialist marketing support to attract great quality candidates.

4. What Jobs Have You Recently Filled in Our Industry?

Learning about what jobs the agency have recently filled in your industry can give you a huge indicator of their success. By putting them on the spot with this question, you’ll soon determine whether they are a suitable option for your needs.

D&A Recruitment have over one hundred roles open at any one time, and we’re continuously placing talent in a variety of roles. Search our live jobs now.

5. How Do You Advertise Vacancies?

Before working with an agency, it’s important to understand how they will market your vacancies. A good agency should use online job boards as well as have access to industry job boards. This will offer you the highest chance of success and the most candidates for your position.

At D&A Recruitment we also use specialist marketing support to fill our roles, finding your business the best possible candidate.

6. How Do You Choose Candidates for Interviews?

As the agency will eliminate the first candidates via interviews, it’s good to understand how they will select the candidates they pass on to you. You want to ensure they are asking the right questions and treating all candidates equally. When you are asking these questions to the agency, you should get a good idea of their customer service skills. You want any future employee of your company to have a good first impression, which will begin with the agency you are using.

At D&A Recruitment we go through a thorough vetting process, ensuring each candidate aligns with your job vacancy and your culture.

7. How Quickly Do You Usually Fill a Position?

This is another good question to put an agency on the spot. If they hesitate over answering this, you may have cause for concern if they can’t be honest and upfront about their achievements. While we all know each position takes a different length of time to fill, they should have a rough timeline they follow for every position they advertise.

8. Do You Use Any Testing With Candidates?

Some recruitment agencies go through testing with candidates for specific roles to judge their core competencies. At D&A Recruitment however, we speak with the candidate in-depth to ensure we know their capabilities and their fit for the role.

9. What Fees Do You Charge?

When trying to find someone with local recruitment expertise, you’ll need to know about their fees. Don’t enter into an agreement with a company without understanding how their fees and charges work. Discuss potential long-term agreements at the start to see if any discount could be offered in the future.

When working with D&A Recruitment you’ll find that we’re competitive with our fees and offer great value for your budget. Our consultants provide the highest level of service and save you time and money when recruiting.

10. Do You Offer a Guarantee?

A good agency should not charge you a penny if they don’t fill your position. Also, if a candidate leaves your company within a few months, you should receive some form of refund or replacement. Discuss these conditions at the start of your negotiation to avoid undoing all of your hard work later on.

The Best Recruitment Agency Near Cambridge

Choosing the best recruitment agency for your needs will help make recruitment a smooth and quick process. D&A Recruitment have multiple offices around East Anglia, we make recruitment easy for you and our candidates, and will help you through every step of the process. Get in touch with us today for further information about working together on your hiring needs this year.