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Class 2 HGV driving over a bridge in England

What is a Class 2 HGV driver?

One of the questions we get asked is, “What is a Class 2 HGV driver?”. So we thought we’d answer it for you! There’s a few differences to be aware of, from the licence requirements through to the amount you can be paid, and also the jobs on offer. The...


How can we solve the HGV driver shortage?

The HGV driver shortage is affecting all parts of the UK, with shelves running bare in many stores. The construction industry is facing a shortage of materials, and food prices are also increasing. We need more lorry drivers across the UK, but how do we do recruit more people into...

Lorry Driver Shortage in the UK

Introducing Our Job Creation Programme

We are delighted to announce the D&A Job Creation Programme! Our Programme will help hundreds of job seekers around East Anglia find their dream job as a Class 1 HGV Driver. There is a UK-wide HGV driver shortage, and we are looking to fill that gap by helping Class 2...


D&A Continues To Grow Driver Recruitment Team

D&A Recruitment are expanding their industry leading driver recruitment team even further. Lead by Jordan Minet, Driving & Logistics Director at D&A, the driver recruitment team place HGV Class 1&2 drivers, plus many more professional drivers, into their ideal roles at one of D&A’s many clients. The team will expand...

Row of HGV Drivers in White Lorries

What Are The Benefits Of A Driver Recruitment Agency?

If you are currently exploring new jobs as a professional driver, such as a HGV driver or Forklift Driver, you will know how challenging it can be to find jobs for suitable roles. Many companies are inexperienced at hiring HGV or Forklift drivers internally and don’t completely understand what the...


10 Questions You Should Ask A Recruitment Agency Before Working With Them

When deciding what recruitment agency to hire to recruit for your job vacancy, there are certain things we recommend asking upfront. Before getting too deep into the process, ask these ten straightforward questions to the local recruitment agency you are considering. The answers to these questions will help determine whether...

How To Ask For A Pay Rise in 2021

How To Ask For A Pay Rise In 2021

How To Get A Raise If you’ve been in your current position or company for a while, it’s only natural to consider asking for a pay rise. For anyone who performs well and is a reliable worker, it’s important to know your worth in your workplace. However, asking for a...

Temporary Job vs. Permanent Job

Temp or Perm? What Job is Right For You?

When you are unemployed or searching for a new job, it can be challenging to know whether to apply for temporary positions, permanent roles, or a combination of the two. There are many benefits of both types of employment, and you’ll find temp to perm roles are becoming more common...


Should you open your office after lockdown?

As an HR manager or talent recruiter, it can be challenging to know when the appropriate time to reopen your office is during the current pandemic. Many offices have now been closed for close to a year, and staff have grown accustomed to working from home. However, there are many...